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Kreider Milk



Dairy Products

We sell fresh dairy products made in Lancaster County. Our Kreider Dairy products are guaranteed RBST free and our Strickling Springs Dairy products are organic.

  • Jake’s Pickles, 20 different kinds including Garlic, Henry’s Hot and a lot more
  • Variety of Olives
  • Fresh Mozzarella with Tomato and Basil
  • Huge selection of Cheese
  • Milk, All Natural and RBST Free, as well as Organic Milk Available
  • Lots of Different Kinds of Cream Cheese Spreads
  • Tailgate Logs


Shop our dairy products and expect quality, wholesome milk products!


We sell over 125 Different kinds of Cheese. Our brands include Melicue, Woolwich Rosenborg, Denmarks Finest, Saga, Black Night,Somerdale, Long Crawson, llchester, Cahill's, Ero, Couronne, Soulie, Joan of ARC, Silver Goat, Champignon, Shep of Cypress, Uiekaas, Nederlands, Legendary, Beemster, Rembrandt, Dutch Master, Kerrygold, Mitica, Sini Fulvi, and Jarlsberg.